This French company, which was founded in 1927, is certainly the largest competitor of Mack Rides in the Flume Ride sector. Especially the standard model 'Wild River' is very popular.

Flume Ride, Spinning Raft, Mini Flume Ride

Intamin AG

This Swiss company, founded in 1967, is one of the leading companies in the amusement industry. Among other things Intamin invented the Rapids Ride.

Rapids Ride, Spillwater, Dark Water Ride, Flume Ride, Super Splash, Water Coaster

Mack Rides GmbH & Co KG

This German company, founded in 1780, is one of the leading companies in the water ride sector. Mack has built the first travelling Flume Ride. In recent years they make more attention with installations of Water Coaster and Super Splashs.

Water Coaster, Dark Water Ride, Flume Ride, Super Splash


This very well-known Italian company acting since 1939, provides in their major product catalog also flume rides and since 2007 also Spinning Raft Rides.

Flume Ride, Mini Flume Ride, Spinning Raft

L&T Systems

This Italian company, founded in 1997, has evolved the Water Ride sector on the production of flume rides. Founder is the former technical director of SDC.

Flume Ride, Mini Flume Ride, Rapids Ride

ABC Engineering AG

This Swiss company is since 1997 in the leisure industry and offers a wide range of products. Until 2000 they done only engineering works and worked together with Bear Rides. Today they also produce their rides.

Mini Flume Ride, Spinning Raft, Rapids Ride, Flume Ride

Bear Rides AG

Another water ride specialist from Switzerland. This company was founded 1995 as Bear Rides, is since 2005 an AG and since 2009 inactive. This company advertises especially to sell custom-designed water rides.

Rapids Ride, Flume Ride, Mini Flume Ride, Spillwater, Dark Water Ride

Hafema Water Rides GmbH

This German company, founded in 1990, almost went bankrupt but was saved 2002 under a new Managemant. They are since 2004 entirely specialized on the production of water rides. Hafema is inventor of the Whirlpool.

Spillwater, Rapids Ride, Mini Flume Ride, Flume Ride

Interlink LG

This company, founded 1982 in England, offers a wide range of water rides. Nevertheless, in Europe can be only found a few rides of this company.

Spillwater, Flume Ride, Rapids Ride, Mini Flume Ride

Soquet S.A.

French company which founded in the early 80s and manufactures among other things Flume and Rapid Rides and since 2008 also Spinning Raft Rides.

Flume Ride, Rapids Ride, Spinning Raft, Mini Flume Ride


All self-built water rides.

Flume Ride, Spinning Raft, Spillwater

Fabbri Group

The Italian company is in business since 1950 and offers in their product catalog Raft Rides and Flume Rides.

Spinning Raft, Flume Ride

Hopkins Rides

This American company with over 30 years of experience went almost bankrupt in 2001 and start therefore a collaboration with Reverchon. Since 2004, the company seems belong to the Martin & Vleminckx Group.

Spillwater, Flume Ride, Rapids Ride

WGH Transportation Engineering

British company which was founded in 1989 and specializes in transportation systems.

Dark Water Ride, Flume Ride

Arrow Dynamics

This company built the first flume ride. In Europe, there are only a few rides of Arrow because their europe business has been taken over by Mack. Acting since 1946 in America under the name Arrow Development, the company went bankrupt and bought up in 2001 bye S&S Power.

Flume Ride

Whitewater West Industries Ltd.

This Canadian company builds since 1981 for water parks. However, even in theme parks are a few rides of this company. Whitewater built the first spinning raft ride.

Spinning Raft

Big Country Motioneering Ltg.

Relatively unknown British company, which has been taken over from Interlink at the beginning of the 90's.

Flume Ride


This Italian company dissolved in 1993. Until then they built successfully some flume rides.

Flume Ride

Van Egdom

This Dutch company has already started in 1980 with water slides for swimming pools. Today, there are also some facilities in amusement parks and these are very exceptional.

Flume Ride, Spinning Raft

SBF Visa Group

Italian company, which was established in 1952.

Flume Ride, Mini Spinning Raft, Rapids Ride

Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V.

This very well-known Dutch company is already back to lead on the year 1926, but started first in 1967 in the amusement park industry. In addition to numerous Coastern It was also involved in the construction of two Rapid Rides.

Rapids Ride


Founded in 1980, the company was later acquired by BCM, which in turn were acquired by Interlink.

Flume Ride

Cedeal Rides

French company founded in 2010. The product range shows great similarities to Reverchon but the relationship between these two companies is unclear.

Spinning Raft

D.P.V. Rides

Italian company for second hand rides but also new rides.

Flume Ride

I.E. Park

Under construction...

Mini Flume Ride

Kumbak Coasters

This Dutch company is composed mainly of old Vekoma employees and was founded in 2001. They were involved on the construction of the Water Coaster in Efteling.

Water Coaster

Metallbau Emmeln GmbH & Co KG

German company, which is since 1968 in the amusement park industry. It is not a specialist for Water Rides.

Dark Water Ride

Premier Rides

Here in Europe, this American company, which acting since 1992 has so far only one facility.

Water Coaster

Schwarzkopf GmbH

This certainly every known German company which entered in 1954 in the roller coaster business had also build some flume rides. 1983 was unfortunately the end of the company.

Flume Ride

Alfred W. Weber

This German company, founded in 1956, has unfortunately despite some major innovations but went 1985 bankrupt. This company, we have owe the water jump, which is unfortunately in a single delivery remained.

Flume Ride

Rides and Fun S.r.l.

Under construction...

Flume Ride